Onward through the Fog!

Have you ever noticed that much of life seems to be lived in a fog?

Maybe it's just me, but I thick so many of us seem to just be clogging through a mucky fog.  Many people have little to no direction in life and seem to just walk aimlessly.  

So often, I feel the same.  I think I'm just moving through fog soup.

Fog can be very thick.  The only thing you can see is the ground right in front of you.  You know you're walking, but you're not sure where you are or where you are going.  Fog does that.  It muddies up the view, and it's tough just to keep going when you have no idea exactly where you are going.

Here's the sad many churches seem to be doing just that.  They keep moving, but they aren't getting anywhere.  Sad, really.  Because God doesn't want us or the church to live like that.  My belief for the church is that we ought to be a people who are walking in a tough world, but we have our heads up, looking to the future.  God doesn't want us just trudging through fog soup.  He asks us to keep our eyes focused on Him, looking for His direction.  When we do that, the fog dissipates, and we can see the road ahead.

I believe we are getting there, MCPC!!  Good days ahead!  

R Schermerhorn