I've heard it said that the only people who like change are babies.

Probably true.  But I believe it is important to take into thought the idea that people really do not like change at all.  

We are western PA people.  Change, on any level, is difficult for us to manage.  Change can be positive, and not so positive.  In Western PA, change is usually a point of contention.  Too bad, really, because change is necessary to life and continued gowth.

I have thought much about this, and wondered why change is tough for us in the east.  I believe this is the reason:  Our ancestors.

In the mid-1800's, there was a migration of people from the east to the west.  Many people moved out west when the government was giving land away and there was much excitement in the country, especially after the civil war.  People filled a wagon and headed west.  Accross the central plains and up the the mountains.  They were building a new life.

Who were these people?  They were the adventurous ones.  They were the out-going people who had tons of energy.  The folks left in the east were the conservative ones.  They didn't like the idea of leaving everything behind and moving.  They liked their reserved, quiet lives, and they didn't want to be dropping all of that for some strange land that they knew nothing about.

There you have it.  These people had children...often lots and lots of them.  Their kids picked up that bold and daring spirit.  We, in the east, want structure and wrenches in the works, please.  Out west, they are novel and courageous.  not us...we like slow and steady.

Interesting, isn't it.  

Something to think about...

R Schermerhorn